As with any tool, a Coated Abrasive is most effective when properly married with the correct Mandrel, Backing Pads or Tools. At Rapid Abrasives we off a large variety of all Abrasive-related items, including Backup Pads for Velcro or PSA Discs, Mandrels for grinding products, Rubber Blocks, Pump Sleeves and Graphite Rolls. We pride ourselves on offering not just the Abrasives, but the tools and accessories that support them.

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Backup Pads

Resin Fibre Disc Backup Pads use a slotted hub and spiral design...

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Cone Point Mandrels are used to give support to cone points...

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Graphite rolls are used to reduce heat and friction on the underside...

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Rubber Expanding Drums

Rubber Expanding Drums are designed especially for use with...

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Rubber Blocks

Used to help remove residue build-up on belts...

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