Flap wheels are commonly used for blending and finishing applications. These shank mounted products are ideal for working in hard to reach areas, where a larger disc or wheel will not fit. They are manufactured with a flexible, yet durable X weight cotton backing to improve their finishing performance.

Non Woven/Interleaf Flap wheels

Nonwoven flap wheels can be used to remove light scratches, create a fine surface finish, or prepare for subsequent polishing. They are also a good choice for lightly cleaning or removing surface discolorations.
Interleaf Finishing flap wheels are made with alternating flaps of abrasive cloth and nonwoven finishing material. Provides some stock removal while leaving a brushed finish. Also good for deburring and finishing in one step.

Large Diameter Flap wheels

Unmounted abrasive flap wheels are made with premium Aluminum Oxide grain on X weight cloth backing for maximum life and flexibility.

Mandrel Mounted Flap wheels

Aluminum Oxide Resin Bond X weight cloth, available with 1/4″ shank or 1/4-20 threaded. Ideal for blending and polishing metal, plastic and wood.